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released June 7, 2013



all rights reserved


The Dick & Jane Project Columbus, Ohio

Kids write lyrics
and we take them seriously.

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Track Name: Fair May
Fair May is here
With blossoms sweet and it strews them
Richly at our feet
So let us haste with smiles to greet

Fair May, Fair May

Bright month of May
Of promise rare to those who sow
With fervent prayer and early late
Who gladly wear this easy yoke
Track Name: A Train Ride to the Zoo
Well the train makes a chug chug chug sound
Wizzin through the station as its wheels go round
As the train's traction bars get more power
It gets faster every hour

Chifty Chufty Rattle and a Rap
Chuffing as its wheels go zap
We're chuffing through the mountains
Please so down

Now go faster we're chuffing through town
We're chuffing through (ahh!)
The creepiest places
Whizzing through a farm
Where a big pine tree
We stop for water on the way
We're going to the zoo

What a great big day
Track Name: I Can't Stand it
I was eating candy in the park
It tasted like sweet rubber tires
That's when a bird pooped on my fifth bon-bon
I knew that this little bird was dumb
and I thought I could outsmart him
So I reached down and untied both my boots

And I was so mad
Cause I can't stand it
I threw a boot at it
Cause I can't stand it
It was so bad
And I can't stand it
Plop went the birdie
Cause I can't stand it

One day my friend he tricked me
into going into the bathroom
I accidentally slipped
and then he laughed
So I wrapped his ear
then his head
then his entire body
In towels
Stiff as a stone
He stands like paper mache

I was so mad
Cause I can't stand him
I played a trick on him
Cause I can't stand him
I flushed his head
Cause I can't stand him
In the toilet
Cause I can't stand him

Track Name: P.A.R.T.Y
There's a party going on right here
Just dance around and don't stop
Over there I see my dear
Let's make some corn and make it pop
Everybody is filled with cheer
Let's get some chips and quac

We've got noise makers
and my locker shakers
It's Friday Night
Let this party shine
It's party time!

Knock Knock someone's at the door
I wonder who could be there
The pizza man and my best friend
The news crew came so we hit the floor
So many cameras I feel like a star
Music turned up loud
Chandelier is on the ground

Who's cares if the news crew came
We party all the same
Track Name: Bieber Fever
Justin Bieber is hot like bubble
He dates this girl named Hannah Montana
Everybody loves him
He's fresh like pumpkin
If you see him you might fall in love with him

He sings pretty songs everybody loves
If you see him you might love all of them
He's my boy he's got these cool pictures
Hey boys and girls he's Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber I got the fever

Justin Bieber is a cute teenager boy
and he is the best singer in the whole wide world
Everybody here is a Justin Bieber fan
And they are here to see him because he is our man
Justin Bieber is all yours if you like
Only if you share him because he's mind
Justin Bieber fans are right here
and they think he's really cute

Justin Bieber I got the fever

Justin Bieber I got the fever
I run down the stall
and he gets the ball
he is the best and
he is from the west
Justin Bieber I got the fever
Track Name: Rampage
You don't know me and I don't know you
You look at me and I'm looking through you
But as you can see there is nothing you can do
Because I am me and you are who?

I'm trying to make it to the top
So stop trying to make me feel bad
for the things you couldn't do
I'm trying to make this flow
So when the time comes I can make the dough

hasn’t there, hasn’t there,
been a time, been a time
when you just can’t take it any more?
a time when you go on a rampage
you see nothing, nothing but people
people trying to hold you back
I’m gonna be who I wanna be,
I’m gonna be who I wanna be
I'm not gonna be the bad one no more

They always say the sky was the limit
But me I'm different I'm reaching for the summit
Me I'm only 12 but what does that mean
Does it make it seem that I can't live my dream?
There may be people better than me but I don't care
doing something like this at my age is rare
I look up to people that inspire me
Like Drake and Wheezy 'cause they make it look easy