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In 6th grade Angel participated in a Dick & Jane Project workshop at St. Mary Magdalene Middle School. Along with three other girls, they collectively wrote the lyrics to a song called “Best Friends”. While the band The First Street Heat was transforming those words into song, Angel took the initiative and wrote an additional set of lyrics on her own. She brought the lyrics in and handed them to Ben Shinabery, creator of The Dick & Jane Project. Though Ben could not promise that the lyrics would be turned into a song, he took them and said he’d look for a band that might be interested. A month later he found the perfect match in Mary Lynn Gloeckle, at the time a member of Columbus band This is my Suitcase. When Ben approached her with Angel’s lyrics the connection was clear. “I immediately identified with it, it’s exactly like something I would write,” Mary Lynn said of Angel’s lyrics. “She just writes her emotions without covering anything up.” With that, Mary Lynn sat down at a piano and the whole song came out immediately. With other members of This is my Suitcase helping, Invisible was recorded in November of 2011 for Orientation, The Dick & Jane Project’s debut album.

In July of 2012 The Dick & Jane Project created a music video for the song, a first for the organization. Starring lyricist Angel and musician Mary Lynn, the video was officially released in December 2012.

The relationship that developed between Mary Lynn and Angel throughout the two years of writing, recording, releasing, and music video production serves as a staple for the connection that The Dick & Jane Project seeks to make between students and musicians.


Look over here.
Look over there.
Look everywhere.
Do you see me sittin’ there?
Do I have to stare?
Let me close the door of opportunity.
Do I have to be noticed in a picture?
‘Cause you don’t see me.

Am I invisible?
Am I invisible?
Am I invisible?
Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.
Am I invisible?

Am I like a blinding wall?
Just supposed to stand tall?
Waiting for your response?
Waiting for you to see me?
Am I supposed to be that way?
Sitting, waiting all day?
Sitting, smiling at you?

Am I invisible?
Am I invisible to you?
Or would you understand me in my dance?
Am I invisible?
‘Cause you don’t see me!


from Orientation, released February 23, 2012
Lyrics- Angel, St. Mary Magdalene Middle School
Music- Mary Lynn
Recorded and mixed by Joe Camerlengo at The Poppermost, November 2011
Released on Orientation, February 2012
Radio Premier: February, 2012
Music Video Premier: December 2012



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The Dick & Jane Project Columbus, Ohio

Kids write lyrics
and we take them seriously.

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